Thursday, June 3, 2010

Be the salt, and the light!

Fourth week is coming to an ending, I've give up counting how many days have I been in Roots. I'm still happily working, and enjoying each and every moment I had. Despite those unhappy, and nonnegotiable moments which makes me feel like I'm going to burst anytime. I still don't understand the method of looking mature and BEING mature, this two thing doesn't merge well. I came across people who have big brains, small thoughts! Their dreams, thinking and idea are just too ridiculous that makes me want to laugh right into their face. There are many times we are having random talk, through their conversation I think they need more input of knowledge, especially the whole living with your B/G makes marriage not so special anymore. There are many tonnes more things that I've heard, I really need to clean my ear and thoughts every time I'm done with work. The input I'm taking is not so encouraging and positive. It's naive to me, but seems cool to them. Hmpphh *thinking hard* why? why? oh why......

Anyhoo, back on track I'm still abiding in God's word being special in the work place is my goal to strike the best of the best. I don't care how people say, what people say I just want to do my part get job done and leave work place come home for a good sleep being at my own territory is just simply awesome. Don't get me wrong I'm not a loner! I just need time to take all those unbearable moments and burden away being recharge and prepare for the next day! I love weekends, and I don't have Monday blues! This show how much I'm enjoying life!

This is what I'm working on June, this would be another project for us. Together with some sub projects.

client's gift
Half of my desk( the one that is more neat* hints: left) , the ribbons is what we need to tie on the giftta-da 699 of them long process
I feel awful when I see this thing, so oily + sticky, rice and fruit doesn't goes well for me. Well then again, my colleague say is a must try!Took a few bite, and find it so-so too sweet.
So that's about my little update. I hope there are more time to do so. Till then readers! x

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