Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I don't want anything but.....

a good Day! I'm doing well in life in case that is your question to me. Weekdays is just another day where I need to suck up all my happy go lucky attitude, and give out my best. In the other hand during weekend is to exhale all the excess stuff that I take in during the weekday and be ready for the weekday to come. In my office everywhere you go, there are motivation signs which reminds me many things mind you it's also in the WC! Everyday my schedule is packed with all kinds of new things which keeps me moving well too, meaning I'm growing an growing in a good phase!

After working, I appreciate much time with my parents regardless of those here and there nags. I come home get myself wash up and ask for a tea with them all the time. Besides, I only see L during the weekends. Saturday is half parents and half bf day, I simply enjoy life like that! Last Saturday was a relax one indeed much to update with love. Life is moving well and I'm one bless person! Ready for all circumstances, cause I give thanks in all circumstances!

New York Deli Rox!Thank you for being such a goodie!
Praise the Lord for His grace to keep me going!


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