Thursday, July 29, 2010

Doodle with me!

It's been long long time I like doodle art its like a art that you can draw your feelings and emotional with bare hand. I started with doodle when I was in my secondary it is so miracle where you can randomly come out with something easily. Even when you are occupied on the phone :) That is how I knew the Art of doodle dance! I'm super in love with it. If people who came across my life closely they know I will do that whenever I have a pencil and paper with me. I staple well with it :PDoodling is the best way to express me myself-Sabrina

Besides that, recently I'm in love with PINK. Is it a good or bad sigh? I was wondering it for few days. But then I get deep down on thinking about it, I love colorful things too!Color that stick in my mind for sometime it will slowly become the color of my favorite. In the other hand, some of my friend know that I loooovvveee classical songs, recently I moved out from my previous place I have much time sitting here alone one thing I can do most is to play all kind of songs I like especially classical song :)

Scientific Sab: Color + Art + music = Sabrina

Days without love, did not put me down because I have another pet to entertaintment.I'm glad I've found friend that care about me honour goes to Karen & Joanne, after work we headed to Sri Petaling aka Bukit Jalil. Went for steamboat then to Karen's. It was a good night, I had a sad tummy ache yet I never let it put me down. Oh ya, not forgetting to highlight that the pet is not mine, is a American Cocker Spaniel with one eye blinded since he was born. It was from a message thru friend that this dog do not have a owener that love and accept the fact that he is blind since blind(if no one to adopt this puppy it will be "put to sleep") therefore, Karen has made the decision to adopt this adorable. I really sayang this dog like my own dog. A dog that make me tear when I look into his strong life. Jesus is fair although Hay Hay is blind but I still see the good in him, a very obedient boy! I really sayang Hay Hay! FYI, his real name is Haley, but I call him Hay Hay!

Karen a very caring sista. Joanne a very kind-hearted sista!
This is Hay Hay boy! :D

Learn to love what you have and don't have because things happen with a reason.

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