Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bon Voyage,Love!

Weekend past by quickly,it was packed with activities back to back. Partly there are things to be done before L leave. I was pretty cool with the packing and all things we are preparing especially his leaving. Beforehand, I've already well prepared mentally and physically.

First a handmade card for his leaving with a long note to him. Some might think that I'm thinking way too far, let me clarify here cause he is leaving to Korea for 1 week, but hang on there I will leave right after he touch Malaysia. I don't wanna do the calculation here of days without love.

So many preparation both on work and my personal life. Hence, I lay all to God for all the things that is coming and might be coming soon. I poured badly when he gave me the last hug with a goodbye kiss.Taking it wisely it is good, time to recharge and renew for he himself.
Let's not be so emotional here...lil thing still make me smile for another sunny day! Counting down patiently :D

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