Thursday, October 28, 2010

Colourful days!

I'm in the midst of loving all sorts of color since end of August 2010, why do I specific it? Because I would like to make it a benchmark! Today I will be a purple lady cause I've got my-self reward for this month already! I'm lovin' it :)

Let's touch on Shu's birthday, I've made her something special since she is a Instax photo lover she was telling me she needs something to store hers collection. Practically I do not have any idea what should I get her because I only know her for only a month? Well so, using my fun + talent ability, I've made her this....

Then we celebrated her __ birthday (let's keep it as a secret!) in office.


Moving on Media Prima Screenings, as I promise I will post up my mafia look. Here are some highlights so I will make sure before you leave my blog you will not be bore down!
Let's welcome Upin & Ipin's friend they are one big shot for tv9 they are really growing well. Keep it up tv9! OMGFact: Upin&Ipin has been the highest rated Malay 3D cartoon in Malaysia, not only that they are well known in the Indonesia too!

All time favorite CEO in the houze! Ahmad Izam! He is one smart, talented men not only that he is very loving too! Izam tickle your funny bone from time to time and boom you will all the extravaganza's idea!

Presenting the most presentable BD team from ntv7! Coolest.
(Left: Brain,Kelvin,Ee Ling,Jermaine,Sab and Yloon)
This faces are not aliented to you and me. MP always bringing you the best of all this is TVB artist Micheal and Michel pretty freindly. Fuyooh to our 8tv GM, Kim
Look up to her most, she rocks!
This is not even a unfamiliar face for my blog, she has been growing with me. Now-wow familiar face to you and public! She is Megan Tan 8tv quickie face.

New found! Shu Ling :) We had a blast during the post party!
Thumbs up to MP blooming well in this industry! We are no more a TV station only, if you zoom in we are a company with tele(TV3,ntv7,8tv and tv9,prints(NST), outdoor(Bigtree),radio(fly,hot,one) and we are having it one step closer to your door step tonton(online FTA tv). Yay to all the hoohaa! :P Let's support local tele!

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