Friday, October 22, 2010

Mob my DAY!

Black is the new green! I'm doing something extra ordinary, if you are reading this ahead then it wont be a surprise anymore. Cause I'm into falsie! Falsie lashes, hair extension! Oh yeah babeh! I'm doing it, for chrissake I'm doing this for work and fun! My job will be the coolest job to be a barbie dressing up in all different ways for different occasion and most of all meeting artist all the time, isn't it fun? Period.

I'm having a mix feeling especially my dad in in the operation wad and I'm partying at the other side, but I've did my prayer for him and send a love text to him. I know I should be there, but work is work, GM insist us to be there! NO-MATTER-WHAT! no petition? Well this is the real world I'm working in. No doubt I cant hype myself up with all these fun YET, but perhaps when the real thing get pumpin' in then yeah PERHAPS! I will not reveal much on what I'm wearing any time soon...till I get pictures uploaded.

Mobster mission will start from now.......

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