Wednesday, November 17, 2010


My previous blog was about having a holiday on Wednesday pop here comes Wednesday a public holiday! I'm always glad during my holiday I will spend doing things I adore, or perhaps sometimes not that adoring things like bringing work home when I need some space to breath, but to increase my stamina mentally and physically or to put it into another word to exercise my brainy!

2 nights in a roll, I spend my night at church first to complete my flash mob brainstorming session which turn up a lil here and thee, hence thanks to L for bringing out smooth FINALLY! Of course, it is much depends on me and Chloe now, from chronograph to music selection and arrangement. Nevertheless, I'm excited and all boost up for this challenging task of mine! I'm getting into a adventurous journey! I was woke up by an idea that came into my mind this happens often when I have idea, I will wake up IMMEDIATELY and I need pen and notebook to note it down. Weird huh? I think it's just a sense of responsibility.

Talking about this morning, I woke up did a simple prayer then my twitter then my daily tasks check mail, then it eventually leads me to blog browsing..... .I'm stuck! I think I do not want to blog the scenario. I've learn not to take back whatever I've gave out, this is like the second hardest tasks to complete! Yet I've learned to let go and let God.

Friendship,friendship!!!!Arrrgghhh it kill or grow! It depends on how you going to mend it. Anyhow,I'm grateful the amount of friends that I have is not a handful of people :) Thumbs up to that, keep it up Sab! Thank you Lord for giving me faith and a heart to forgive and forget! I guess this is my life learning task :P
The girl I once share my life with.....
then it disappear.... I misses those good ol'days! :) May God bless whatever she is going through and lead her through her ups and downs. I might not be hers first person to share burden with anymore, but my prayers goes to her. :) It still makes me smile when I think back.

Okay can't believe I'm posting this, I have many thoughts that I do not know how to string it together(it includes words that I wish to yell INTO YOUR FACE!). Let this post be rated as the MOST PATHETIC POST of the year! Have a blessed holiday pepoo!


Anonymous said...

Never know that this will become a persist problem to you. I always thought that time + honesty in bringing up issue + positive treatment towards it = healing of past injuries. I'm truly happy for the days when I saw the two of you are like together wherever you girls are. The memories of us at church camp are still so vivid and warm. Honestly I don't exactly know what's the problem in between but me too, felt sorry to see this relationship gone flat.

Somehow, I believe God will mend this relationship and not just patch up, but bring it to another level. Do you know that I'll get excited imagining that when you n L and she with K got tied up, me too will have relative linkage to you~ XD Haha... You'll be my father's sister's daughter's husband's sister's husband's brother's daughter's husband's brother's wife~ Walaoeh~ XD

On my part, I'm sorry that I've gone missing from being a loyal blog reader of yours. I had a hard time in searching up your blog too(Hehe, sorry for forgetting as well, pc reformatted, bookmark gone~. Anyway, not trying to find an excuse for that, I'm condemn-worthy I know =P). Somehow, I guess this post has it's reason. You know what? When I browse through your blog, I realise that I am really out of your world so much that I don't know what to comment anymore. The friends, environment and situation you are in now are so alien to me and I grew so 'stranger' to this blog.

But when I saw this post, well, it revives the good old time in me. At last, I got the feeling to reply. No...not just feeling, but an urge to reply. Tell you what, this post isn't pathetic at all. It got you back a friend here~ =D Cheer up~ ^^

Sabrina.C said...

Once I open up this blog, I saw comment and first first person came into my mind is you,SHAN! Thank you for visiting my blog and yes you were once my most loyal reader! I appreciate it much!

I hope you could know whats happening but, this has been more then 3 years nothing I want to do and let it be IT. Let God do the work, I'm tire and knowing there are much more important things for me to complete.

Well being left out is not a good feeling after all. Ey don't be alienated or feel like a stranger. Although I don't chat with you much online or even talk to you much when I see you doesn't mean that I forget you or even you forgetting my things. I truly understand you have your things and life to move on.

But anyways, I truly appreciate you stopping by.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the emphasised "first first person", feeling very the good. But hor, dun la keep mentioning that I'm once your loyal reader. Tonnes of guiltiness leh....=P

Well, sometimes when you do something over and over again but don't seem to get it going anywhere better, maybe the best solution is to stop being so hectic about it. Just let it be and forgive whatever that comes into your mind. Share with you something, it's a quote I saw earlier while preparing for cell lesson:
"To forgive is to set the prisoner free, and then discover - that the prisoner was you."

Yes, I truly understand how much you treasure friendship. Won't doubt your honesty towards it, especially when receiving the only card I receive for this year~ I know you two are the best God has given me. Will always treasure and be grateful~ =D