Monday, November 15, 2010

Story behind that eye.

Have you ever heard people say you have such a lovable eye that speaks? Usually it happens to you and people that care about your feelings and thoughts. That's when they read your eye creepy ey? I personally think it's just how much they know and love you. Some people are just insensitive on what you are feeling and thinking this is worse when someone you care and love can't read!

I don't know why did I started with that headline, anyhow is just an random thought I had. Weekend always flash through quickly but thank God I've done with my preparation for flash mob, and thanks to those who gave a hand. It was busy at the same time, because Christmas is the time to flash to the world who is Jesus Christ! So we are putting this effort to do the best we could, of course at the same time abiding in His word closely it will def helps the burden and problems. I'm tire of dealing with people, I rather deal it with paper! I was reading this book saying that we are no longer human being, we are human doing. Spot the difference? Human are no longer acting what they should be, but they are doing things that they want to do.

So what are you waiting for start being yourself, living a life that gives an impact!

Today I'm having a book-off and I was planning to settle all the work I need to do, together to rearrange my long awaited reading corner. Not to have a big space with couch and all, but to have a place to store all my books! I've been shopping for books during the weekend, I guess I bought 4 books. I just finish reading Eat Pray Love, it wasn't that great as I thought. But I simply love reading! I will indulge myself with book today and Wednesday( Public Hols)! Oh talking about reading corner,I shift my stuff and let one part of my room be the book worm corner with all my books! Yay to that!

Alright good to post this, and I need to head back to my flash mob work. Many preparation, keep me in prayer if you are reading this! Jesus loves you!
Picture creadit: Ihae
Let's partay!

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