Thursday, November 11, 2010

Terry Fox Run 2010

I don't use to jog as much as now, recently I think I'm facing a lil stress here and there therefore I spend my lazy time (after work) jogging at the nearest park wherever I'm. Literally, I'm in love jogging alone and living a healthy life! I really don't want myself to be a burden of others in time coming. I want to be a healthy person to serve in the house of God!

So yeh, ntv7 is doing something fresh next year-- feel good run! and committee are asked to do survey through different marathon or charity run through the year. Don't be surprise we were ask to attend guidelines in running too! Big bang theory is what I need to learn!

So if you ever wonder what is Terry Fox Run, is it a run that have to do with sexy lady like Megan Fox? Go Google about it and you will know what goods am I doing for the needy ones :) I actually run the 5km run! I'm loving it.

this charity run do not take a penny of us, but they are giving away to they needy ones. ntv7 show support to them too! I know I have to skip church, which I hate most. Positively, I run for the needy ones I pray for them and let them have the blessing from Jesus.

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