Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tweeps Culture

I once thought I would not be a twitter person, thanks to Steve Job for making us so much into socializing with such a powerful tech in my handbag everyday!! It can be fun, but at times leading you or me to the wrong path of living. The purpose of living and time of spending isn't the right one anymore, I tried not to tweet as much as I can but urggh too good to not HIT that twitter button and let the entire world know that I'm enjoying my best moment! It happens to me where I will follow certain people in twitter, for maybe 1 week or 1 month then I will unfollow them because they are leading me to no where twiting about nonsense or things that doesn't matter to my life not a single thing! Then I will HIT the unfollow, reason being is I would like to follow people who gives an impact in my life OR people who I just randomly want to "be in the trend" OR wanting to know whats going on in their life and RETWEET it OR REPLY them (Shot me if you want :P). Seriously it's fun, but I appreciate much for this twitter thingy it's simply because it gives us a connectivity with friends or even people whom we know, but not knowing us creating a environment for our self to learn from people we look up to. After all, it is not that bad at all.

So yeh, life is up to many many good things that is over flowing me a lil which makes me misses so many occasions. Hence, I take it as a learning path or whatever it is path to go through my fruitful year. Rewind a lil, something that I missed out posting BUT twitted about it.
It was our CNY Screenings for ntv7 & 8tv it was a successful one, we had fun internally I bet client had a great one too by getting all the goodies we gave out and the special performance we held. (Sorry for the funny position of this picture I don't have idea why do it appears like that when I've tried a few times rotating it - give your eye a lil exercise )
me and Charlotte
part of ntv7 team, the very grand looking next to me is our ntv7 GM Airin!

Following on we had an update on Hannah's growing she has been growing fast,I've been visiting her every week! She is looking more like a pretty girl now, very pretty indeed! She will be attending church this coming Sunday which I'm already excited about it! Hope that she will love her new house.
Recovering to the nearest thing that happens to my life, is this year of favor I've did my IC with my Christian name on it and it's finally done! Yeeha! It's really a blessing that it was well done, picture perfect and name oohhh nice! I'm proud of it tho.

Then the long awaited SHOUT awards from 8tv! I've been invited to the show as a VIP, it was very well done and really a thumbs up to 8tv! Congratulation to those who deserve that credits and votes, they have got it all because of their hard work. Line-ups for that night were awesome one after another surprise that amaze the audience! I was proud at that moment knowing that Malaysia is growing and moving towards success in the media industry, they sing and dance well top up with those creative idea on stage presentation! It was FUN-tastic, together with love our first ROCK'in time! We absolutely love it and of course we are going for more! Thank you for being such a lovable person, I love classical you go ochestra with me, I love music pumpin' you rock on with me! You are the best buddy to hang!
To end this post, I would like to remark that I've done reading my Now It's the time from Joel Osteen! The first book that I spend the most money on RM70, but the content worth more then that. I'm well equip for being inspired and to inspired in year 2011. I'm ready to list my resolution for year 2011, have you? Start planning and you will amaze by the work that God has prepared for you! Stretching is about using your faith, and yeh if you missed your dream dare to dream a new dream because God has already prepared the best for you and waiting for you to redeem!
Jesus loves you!

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