Thursday, December 2, 2010

Fast phase for Staccato!

If you are a pianist you will know what I mean, Staccato an mean “abrupt” or “disconnected”. Now you learn something readers :) So ya, getting back into line, I living a life like a 5 line piano theory book that goes on an on, and notes won't go too far away from the 5 lines. Life has been rotating in a way, yet rotating in a fast phase also in different ways. I have been experiencing different maniac incident in life after working, close ones should be my days in Kuantan for Yuan Carnival, 15,000 people appear, and caused me a tanned! I hope it was for a vacation instead of a long working day, hence I get to meet new friends, and during night we had seafood with a bunch of close colleague follow with a beach walk. It was fun and I'm really bless that I have such a bunch of good colleagues who care and love each another. I appreciate that and that is what I miss most when I'm on a book-off or on holidays. I have been disconnected with friends that has been calling me for drink and meet-ups, I hope I could pick up in time coming!

I wanna give thanks that my body is working good, I haven't hit the park for sometime but I think my body did not fail me for I have built my immune system nicely and also a bunch of caring from my loved ones that keeps me safe and sound! Some things keeps me moving for some reason God that inspired me to inspire, and my lovely family who always keep me in the happy loop! I felt bad during 29 November 2010 deep sorrow that I wish I could bang my head on the spot! My mom called me after not seeing me for almost 5 days (partly cause I'm awake she is asleep, I'm back she is asleep too) I was seriously having a homesick! ya she called me and have some random talk through the phone that is what we always do lah, then she was saying tomorrow is a special day and guess what I answer tomorrow I'm going to watch movie with Mel (my bro), then she say tomorrow? Then I answered yes & why! Something I have forgotten is mommy's birthday! OMG how can I?! I'm officially a workaholic ?(NO GOOD!) then I laugh as if I know then hung up the phone. I immediately pray to God and say I'm sorry God for forgetting my lovely mommy's birthday and right away planned for a birthday bash! Movie was canceled nothing is important then that! Birthday was great we spend time catching up, but I was in a very working world moment cause before I left office I got this problem hanging in my mind. Nevertheless, I drunk a few sip of wine it clams my nerve immediately and I was alive with my voice and laughter!

Mommy is my bestie, my BFF, my mentor.......mommy's family background wasn't very good she did not complete her primary 5, she use to be a very obedient person in life she honor hers mommy (my popo) much and she obey whatever she is asked to. Although mom do not have a solid education background, yet she still manage to learn up a few language and she did well in hers business and never fail to give me the best in life, I was pampered with branded food, clothing and everything since baby! I'm really bless to have her in my life, she teaches and encourage me from time to time. I'm glad that she always there for me, I remember when I was young she use to travel much and I was too young to understand anything I will cry since day 1 looking for her day and night I'm very super close to her! Mommy's knowledge has its certain level, but she still do whatever she can. There is one time she went to South Africa, one of the day I receive a snail-mail with a bear shape postcard it did not say much(aside from address), it says I love you Thong! I was so happy and I cried because I truly missing her already! Every night before we sleep we will greet each another good night and love you! Till now we still do so but not so often anymore, but for sure every time I travel to oversea or outstation I will text my family a byebye and love you text, mommy will reply me :) She actually took the initiative to learn how to text me a simple I love you Thong!Isn't she just sweet? This is why I love her! So that's our story, it will never end till the day we meet Jesus!

I still love you mommy! Happy birthday!

Then another loved one I haven't been catching for almost a month, I mean time we get to go shopping and movie. I hope things will slow down a lil when I meet him....
Life wouldn't be perfect of I did not met you in life!

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Anonymous said...

I guess time will never slow down... So instead of slowing down the time, God gave the two of you more time to be together~ ^^
Had a great time with you all throughout the camp~ =)