Monday, December 20, 2010

Once upon December

It's been pouring through the end of this year, many times I was caught in the rain reason being I spend most of my day and night out away for work or church. I haven't been hanging out with my friends much, yesterday was my first day stepping back to church on a Sunday after 1 month! I was all ready to praise and worship in the morning despite the long day I've planned ahead. I was bless that yesterday I went back most of my cell members came up to me saying they miss my presence, I was touched did not know my presence brings an impact!Wheee

Where should I start? I've been tweeting much on what and where am I through the month, now blogging will be another part of life for me. I shall say this year I've been in and out the country most, and not forgetting being outstation I merely went for a cuti-cuti Malaysia, I'm bless that I have the chance to travel as I loved the most ,besides I always remind myself although I won't be attending Sunday service but I know that I can also serve the community while working, my prayer still goes out to the needy ones. If I were to cover this post of December 2010, I shall start from my graduation after 4 good years I've done my degree in bachelor of Science! Looking back when I was hunting for college there were much ups and downs, according to my results I do not deserve the rights to study in a college to further my studies in Mass Comm & Psychology I was either bless nor lucky to have a English educated background that made my SPM result a pretty good looking: A1 for English and others were not too good, yet the college saw a great potential of me being able to succeed, thank God for that but condition to study: I must remain my CGPA the best of the best to be able to continue each semester and finally I've made it not by myself but Lord who strengthens me, family who gave unconditional loves, Leonard for loving who I'm, lastly my friends who accepted me as who am I! I still can't believe I've complete my degree with flying colors, guess what? My family is proud of me! Once again I've shone for Jesus! YES world I've made it, I'm not an ordinary graduates I'm going to be extraordinary person! Now I've found a great job and life will be moving on with colors! :)
Annoucing Sabrina Chng Kae Thong!We love :)my BFF for life!my best parents!my best supporter!Thank you Lecturers in ADP!Yeeeha!
Right after my graduation, me and Leonard took a slow drive to Kuantan for our church's leadership camp which I prayed hard that I can make it, reason being is to have a break and to catch up a lil on what I need to position as a leader. My expectation was just a simple expectation, it went higher then what I expected. I found my friendship back and I've no idea it was as simple as saying all out and God moves His way....I was surprised indeed! Thank you Lea Yee! During the camp I've learn a great lesson of humble myself because God does not measure whose rich, smart or gorgeous looking! He just made me realize I have to let God lead me, and things will be lead!
After 5 years we are reunited! Thank you Jesus!

Finally ntv7's last Yuan Carnival for 2010 in Muar! We had a blast during the mini concert, we let loose and had fun!
The amazing teamates and artist!

We had our ntv7's party-- Pool palooza! It was a wet ending to all, but I manage to escape! I had a great time relaxing and putting up a mood! I gain my self a Jaspal RM100 voucher and SK-II product for the night!
Following on with our last project of the year Star Live concert!
JJ Lin the amazing vocal!

Hot cakes! This was all tooken yesterday, went for our family photoshooting.I will post the original studio ones when it is done which will be Jan 2011! It's been a while since I last catch up with my family, yet am already looking forward for this coming Sat gathering with family! yay!
Mommy's grown up babies!
My lovely mommy!
I just want this to be posted cause I've MADE IT!
Mans that I care!
my love
The one who bully me most, but care & love me most! :P

Ended my night at a 4 story house warming and birthday party! I was satisfy with the catch up with my lovely buddy in Christ, I wasn't left out :) Love is where I can find in Church especially with them!

You have all the promises I've made! Have a great weekday...Jinggle with me!


Anonymous said...

I am really happy for you. Truly feel the joy and gratitude through your laughter during your "Yey~ I've finally made it". Congratz and yeah, let His name be lifted high through his blessings. =)

Another thing, I realise that I've left you a comment not long ago regarding that matter. Praise the lord again, you've finally found His 'way out' and be reconciled. You sure know how that merry-feeling gonna impact those who witness this friendship blossoms 5 years ago.

So... hope to see you getting active in church again, and yea...psssst... What's planning for next Tuesday? =P

Sabrina.C said...

Thank you Shan! :) It has been too long being apart, I find it hard in some way tho but I will try and give my best! Counting my blessings now hehe.

Not Tuesday is a Wednesday, I'm not too sure cause we are working, not sure what can be done after work. PM in FB then we will see what we can do yeh.