Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Reindeer

It's so cold that I have a red nose like reindeer, so adorable!

This week has become a lazy week for everyone is in the mood for long hols and also to celebrate one special day 25th December 2010 CHRISTMAS DAY! It's been the most delighting and heart-warming season of the year although we do not have white snow....but we still celebrate with joy,after all it's not about snow nor santa. We Christian knows why are we celebrating this special season, we know that it's a birthday of Jesus Christ! If not mistaken on Monday I was browsing through my blog and when I was reading older post I saw what I was doing last year and blogging about last year. It was amazing that I actually did the jingle countdown with my readers, it's a 5 day countdown thingy, but this year around I can only describe a word: thankful! Why am I thankful? Because last year I was only a uni student who spend much time doing nothing or something, this year about I'm already a employee in a media company. Isn't it a blessing? Thank God that I need not go through the "unemployed" stage where I heard most people were going through. I'm really glad that in such a short period things changed, this Christmas is my first time using my own savings to purchase gifts for others! I found it amazing cause after 21 year I've been using my mom's money to give gifts to others(in another word: my mom is giving that present) so ya financial independent makes me felt proud about it! I did not know that I was that thankful until I did my Christmas shopping for others(a few) and for myself talking about buying a Christmas present for myself, I never came across this idea but then I won a rm100 Jaspal voucher I'm not really into the high end merchandise but for the sake of using it, I found myself a wallet(need to top up $) I don't need it actually but still just for the sake lah! Happily wishing myself a Merry Christmas, this year is the year I've been doing a lot of counting, nope don't get me wrong not money but BLESSINGS! It's way too much, where I would say I want more to be poured into year of 2011!

I don't know what plan are you having tomorrow, Christmas eve..5 year back I will be partying like a party animal, 5 year later I spend it in my room and once with my churches! I remember vividly, don't try to mess me! haha! I'm planning to have a break and catch up with my family, cousins and friends! I truly understand why do people always say how much they misses being home, today I was listening to radio and this girl called-in saying how much she misses home on the other side I heard her tearing and sobbing,making me wanna cry too! But I'm thankful I'm as close as being home! Eve? Spend some time with your family is the best!

Wishing you people a Jolly Christmas! Updates on my Christmas will be up next!


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