Saturday, January 1, 2011

A thankful heart to 2010!

I was blessed from the day I graduated in form 5 I’ve been experiencing different ways of blessing from Jesus! During 2006 I was just an ordinary college student; 4 year went by with grace I’ve made it.

I never dreamt of myself doing so wellI’ve been yearning to have holiday once I graduate from university, Lord is still our faithful Lord who make things happen, I love travelling to different country therefore my prayer were, before I enroll into any company I would like to travel a little especially country that I would love to be there to experience, when I was looking for cheap air ticket there is always cheap air tickets. I’ve booked to Sabah a place I wanted to go much, China a place I want to go badly because I always think that being a Chinese I have to visit once in my life time and lastly a pampering time with my mom to Vietnam.

May 2010 will be my final semester then I’m done with my study life, during mid of May 2010 I’ve start my job seeking worried that I couldn’t look for a proper job or other word a job that I would not mind indulge in it for 3 years. When I was looking for job I’ve been praying for the right job, no matter what or where prayer has been my strongest weapon. I remember vividly that the night before my first job interview I did a simple prayer and on that day itself I did a simple prayer during my way to the office, I wasn’t expecting much but a prayer for wisdom on how and what do I need to do during the interview. Main concern is I’ve booked way too much of traveling ahead, how am I suppose to take my leave or even ask for one. I prayed and told God that you gave me a way to purchase these 3 country air ticket, I’m sure you have your way. Amen! I went for the interview it went on smoothly, last question is always: “Do you have any question?” Supervisor, I say “ yes! Can I have 3 leave which covers 5 days for each”. Supervisor did not say yes or no but she say should be okay. Home I went to, less than an hour they called and say okay to all your vacations and they would like to talk to me on the salary, I was amused! Unfortunately, this job did not sustain as long because there are many things that happen to the company and I wasn’t feeling good working in that environment.

At the same time, I went to 2 of my vacations accordingly (while working in the previous company), I was thinking that I shall just stay and see what I can still work on in this company. Unexpectedly, my internship company known as ntv7 called me, my manager has been calling me since the day I graduated but I declined twice, and she did not called until that day she called again (according to her by luck) I still declined, but she insisted me to go at least for the interview no matter I would like to take the job or not. I agreed. Miracles happen during September 2010, I accepted their offer and move on to this larger scale company that has prepared all best for me to learn. I was bless once again, I did a bargain on my final vacation and they agreed! I’ve been working for 4 months, and I’ve been learning a lot! Thank God for the blessings and wisdom, most of all I did not blame Jesus for placing me in the first horrible company I took it as a lesson, and it actually helps me to excel better in life! I believe that Jesus always have His plan and will in us.

Last but not least, thankful that all my prayer was heard I travelled with my independent financial which I did not expect I could did it! Of course, not abandoning my serving in church I’ve been trying to adjust best to serve Lord as how I always did, I pray for wisdom on arrangement. I’m thankful that I’m now serving a bunch of talented youths, although I might skip a few times ,nevertheless Lord always has His way for me to do the best for Him! I’m thankful and yes the year of favor…Ask and it will be GIVEN! Amen!

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