Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Diva foreva!

My never ending oh-so happening life, I've been real busy lately been catching up much with my personal intimate time and of course my job needs me too! We have been doing much from fun to work, work to fun! I definetly have a time of my life last week! Not going to say much but will flaunt those picture that I snapped with my Classy Diva (my new toy) Cannon Power Shot! It's a kick start blessing from God for year 2011!

I always never believe in luck nor fortune I can only say God is good, he does miracles and blessings are poured on us! Expecting many pictures will be back in my blog, but I shall salute myself for being such a loyal blogger who never fail to upload pictures since my camera died loooong time ago. Thank you Lord for the grace and wisdom I had!

Let's sway with me from my first week during work, of course a marketing kick-off for the year is important! It was my first time but it was fun to catch up with the sales team, and a warm welcome from the MPB team to Ahmad Izam our CEO! He is an individual I look up to, FYI he is the founder of 8tv! Super inspiring man!

Here he is with the former CEO Dato Farid, and now the veil is to pass to Mr Ahmad Izam!
An up close on what is BAR about. Of course I'm trying some new capture angle with my Classy Diva!
We were all greeted by Patchi-- is most mouth drooling chocolate in the world!
Isaac from sales team, covered the first project for this year!
This is my Creative Marketing teammates (excluded the managers)
L to R: Yloon(known fashionista,adorable twin of mine--just because we share the same birthday and month), Jermaine(Known Jeraggau), Sab(Known Sabbie Sab) and Brian (Known Botak,Bodoh,Brainless..everything that has to start with B is him! haha!)I must personally include this women in the house, she is my most eligible lovely, hugable,lovable,hilarious, smart, pretty and sexay manager! She is my manager that I literally call her boss! She is my shopping kaki and chit chat(about everything) partner!
Quality time is needed, for I yearn for it like a bimbo! He is the one I would love to spend most of my time with! I love you baby!
After the choochoo train line-ups for the weekend, I sorta have a impromptu with Chloe for lunch after 1 month of not updating we spend 3 hour talk talking and talking! It was nice catching up with you babe!

I have a date with baby Hannah :)

Proud of all mom-- Joyce!
The Knots of LOVE!
Lea is her :)

I hope my new toy did not bore you down, and I hope it satisfying for your taste(eye)bud! I personally think it is a powerful camera that I will explore even more on how to play around with it. I love each captured moment by Classy Diva! More fun schedule line-ups upcoming! Stay tune!

signing off!xoxo

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