Friday, January 14, 2011

So Long Farewell!

I'm up to something in work this month and the following, this year revenue will smash like madness but I think it would be a great year of transformation I was thinking can I really do that seeing that million target we need to hit for 2011. I personally think plain by thinking it I can't make it,but doing it practically will be able! A very thoughtful chat with Leonard over the phone on the way home, he told me something: to achieve it, it's the matter of how did I made it through the progress, that brought me so far is the things that I shall cherish! Hmmphh very deep and thoughtful indeed.

This week I've started a brand new week, I was bless throughout the week with people treating me lunch, dessert and little presents. I'm so bless and I would bless others like how they bless me. I miss being super free, I'm sort off running up and down like a sales girl this week for I was assign to visit agencies, but I manage to pull it off well! I'm glad that I'm experiencing different expect of life. I always want to benchmark each and every moment and steps I'm taking.

Recently I've been thinking much on plannings ahead in my job, especially my project on The Royal Wedding I will flaunt it one after another when I finish doing my draft. Today I've start drafting and I'm already excited about it. Another thing that I would like to highlight in life, I've been so close with my manager to an extend without her in office I felt time doesn't fly,but stop! It is excellent to have such a great bond with my team, and happen one of my teammate admitted to hospital due to high fever, I wasn't very close to her but I misses her presence in office. When she back today I got a bad news saying she will be resigning after a month, God!!Why is this happening when we are already short of hands in the team but it's okay my prayers still goes to you and may God bless you days in future Jermaine.

I wish to dedicate this post to one of my colleague also known as my brother in office,he seats opposite me we don't use to chat first week and I tried talking to him and eventually we had caught up well, he shared his burden and life story to me. He is indeed a very silent person but I'm surprise we manage to cope up well, he is someone who is very caring and loving. He do not mind doing anything for friends, not a single comment he will say. I always say he is someone who is good to mess with therefore much of our lunch time we had uber fun having him around. About his leaving I'm the one who witness the entire progress and I actually wished him all the best when he was about to go for another interview weird huh, and time flies today is his last day!Let my status in facebook do the talking:
I hope you could read it, but after all it's about how thankful I'm towards him for helping me. I was sitting on my desk about5.45pm he took my thumbdrive(as usual whenever I ask him to download nice songs for me esp Mandarin) this time about he took himself without asking and gave it back to be without saying anything. I open the file it was a song, I almost teared it was about how a life and between brother and sister! I was so touched and prayer in my heart is bless this guy who came to my life and when off quickly!Before I left I told him I'm going off to lobby, and he lift me a walk to lobby.I told him to keep in touch and remember to take care don't be bullied by others, van was there he shut the door for me and wave me goodbye. I was smiling and wave back hoping life will be better in his new workplace. I did not know it was that hard and heavy to say goodbye to a friend that I know for less then half a year,I know there is always a reason why God always gave me this feeling. Appreciate whoever is here, and when he/she is away be thankful at least you know him/her once in my life time!
Wei Haw aka Bobo!
Friendship that I cherished! I wish to type each and everything wen have gone through, but it's okay let good memory dwell in my heart forever :) Go Bobo!

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