Saturday, January 22, 2011

Morning Breeze

Bird chipping next to me, sun rising greeting my Saturday with a smile, I saw colorful shadows from my widow pane, it wasn't a fairytale it was just the reflection of my curtain into my room...For a moment, I have a thought that life is too short to be laying around on a Saturday morning instead I took a slow pace a slow morning breakfast, looking at my mommy doing her work. Life is as simple as that, looking into things from a different perspective. This thought comes when I'm going through many different things, God has His way to molding me into a better person.
I was sitting in front my screen browsing through blogs, and only I realize there are many people around me are blogging. Word(s) is the only best description in life. I was looking back how many years I've been blogging... it's been almost a good 3 years old blogging about my journey in life. How many times I've been reading backwards? I do so when I miss my days behind me, people say we shall just look forward in life. Hence for me I think we should store the best/or good memory in life, whenever I fall I know I've been through so many good times that has been written in words(blog). This is the time when I start counting my blessings in life with golden linings! When I was having my long long holiday trip I did not post, reason being I was occupied with work. For our living God who even appreciate if we could jot down each and every blessings we have gone through. There are moments I throw tantrums in my life (and of course blogging about it) what's the feeling reading back? It's about not getting back to the same mistake. I love blogging and I will blog for my life!

When I am afraid, I will trust in you.Psalms 56:3

This is the reason why am I awake with a thankful heart every morning....I love Mornings.

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