Thursday, January 20, 2011

8tv turns 7!

A big shout out to 8tv, it was amazing that you've bring such abundance of joy & topic into our life! Hail to Ahmad Izam the founder who work hard behind the scene 7 years back! From zero to hero and thanks for putting up tonton! He is now the CEO of the television station isn't it something to celebrate! I'm feeling all grateful not because how proud I felt towards my company,but I'm really proud how Malaysia has took a gigantic step in the media industry it might be the largest history to my grandchildren that their mama,me witnesses the entire growth, adding on experiencing it too!

People rise question like why do I support 8tv much, to give you a little mind map to work on. TV3,tv9,ntv7,8tv,flyFM,OneFM,RedFM, Big tree and NSTP is all under one roof called the Media Prima group! Isn't it a pow-wow to you? Besides that we are aiming different target audience our objective will never bump into each another, what more supporting your own sister company. Story is as simple as that.

Getting back on track, 8tv turns 7 last night we celebrated with the clients and the 8 team in Neutral Bar. It was setup as PSI (Party Scene Investigation) dress code is to do with all the investigation scene, police,cop, inmates, inspectors, murderer, scientist and whatsoever you can think off! But being in this industry we are practically the most creative people, we dress up and name our self which will give you a moment of LOL! This time about I'm going to post unfamiliar faces in this post, for those who appears many time in my blog will have the chance to appear in FB itself.
we had a welcome speech by Kim(GM of 8tv) with her super cool Cop attire! Charlotte the scarlet, she is one of my closes bud in 8tv!
You know her well ain't you? She is my all time bestie still best of the best!
Bel came later that night, still looking all gorgeous in her inmate inspired attire.Manage to catch up with her a lil, and she told me all the hard time she held while filming A time to Embrace :D
Alexis known as my sister, cause people say we look alike. For her she thinks I'm the L size, she is the XL size haha!

The Mass Comm student reunited!This is Brian my super colleague inmate yang paling sial!

Night ended with in house music, dance floor is open all night long. I left when the clock hits 10pm, am too tire after a long day they wouldn't allow me to leave but I need ample of rest with the stress I'm going through. No doubt I had fun, fun and fun!

Smooch to 8 team,HAPPY BIRTHDAY 8TV!

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