Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Such a Dwaft!

Recently I've been surrounded by slow and ineffective people especially in my workplace! They are plain slow in terms of work and walking motion whenever I have task for him or her, they will take their own sweet time to do their work I wonder where did they took up all this slow motion attitude, worst of all is that they seem like unaware about it. They make me stuck in a jam for important meeting with client,dashing like mad in building and lift waiting moment!

I'm pretty organize in terms of time and very PARTICULAR on people being on time or even last minute work, how can one react like no big deal when they are uber late or causes some other people to be late?! I seriously think they need motivation classes, on how important to be on time to save people and your time! Each second and minute counts man!

I always end up talking really loud into their face more like yelling! No apologies even when you are late is plain IDIOT!

I'm tall I walk faster no doubt, but if you know you are short please plan ahead--note to Mr./Ms. Dwaft.

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