Tuesday, February 15, 2011

We are still FAMILY....

This year about we have already a line-ups of family occasion. We were all very excited already. Here is a peek of our extended and immediate family during CNY.

The ladies in the house
Our Taboos moment which made us LOL with all the terms
On the 4th day of CNY we headed to our beloved youngest aunt's she is always the different one with all our all time fav western meal!
The avocado holy awesome!
If you click on this picture you get a better view :) is from my 8 year old cousin brother!Very well written
Ladies in the house!
The 5 tier cup cake for my aunt's birthday celebration!
Meet up with my primary and secondary mates later night for dinner and catch up
The next day I still reserve for my mates! Vivian my truly siao friend in crime!
Skip hop...hop we are ahead of Valentine's day! 5th year celebrating with the same dude of mine :P
A simple dinner with darling and there goes our night out and we spend time talking about things that lay ahead! To have the touch and feel of our lovey-dovey quotes from him to me (vice-versa) head to my tweet or FB. I love you darling!

Stanley & Ping's Wedding
Happy ending is what we love, and this our first ever wedding celebration in the house! We were all well prepared and this is it.......
proudly present to you the Ch'ng(s)
Me and Ying emcee for our beloved cousin sister Ping!
Theme of the night ORIENTAL!
Us the familiar ones!
This is Ping ! I was with her since the day I born! Love her long long time!

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