Monday, May 12, 2008

Emotion taking me over.

I was sitting in his car,and a call hit me with emotion.

And the next thought I had is I'm 20th is the 2nd stage of life,where you need to go through tougher life,and the pathway will be smaller and smaller...where you would aways fall down,but stand up by your self.I'm feeling so empty,that this person voice keep running in my brain blood rushing like crazy as if I would have heart attack,and tears fall apart.I only have one simple question,"is it my fault again?" did I really hurt you that badly.Tongue,is the strongest and powerful organ that brings out words...words that hurt,love,care..God want us to use word to bless people.Once again,God lead me to another lesson and I'm willing to learn from the wrong.

This call makes me changed my perspective on how I view it.Thank you Jesus ,I love you once again You raise me up with no doubt.The one sitting next to me,is another person I love most opened up his hand and give me a hug.Thank you for being with me.

Today I'm leading prayer,and I would say tonnes of Thank You Jesus for leading me.Furthermore, at night I received an IM (Instead Messenger) from this sister in church, she say I did it good!Be a prayer person.Not glorifying myself, but Jesus Christ!*winks*

the night before,I had a bad time going into bed.I'm so tire that I could feel I can't even move.I was SMS-ing with this friend since dinner.The moody in me,I have no idea to express or even write it because it's so confusing.I feel so thankful for having hers words that helped me.Thank you Machi!

May God heal me,and take this feeling away from me.


Leonard said...

Great to hear that my dear! you did a great job on sunday's prayer! keep it up and shine out for Jesus till the end of the world ya! hugs.. as for me, i'm sure i will tell you the same thing... me and Jesus will always be right beside you throughout the hard and easy time ya! muaks.. lurvu!

sabrina chng said...

S:Thank you baby!I know you will of course Jesus!=)