Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day.

The laughter that sounds familiar in hers womb,

the hand size that I hold when I'm learning my first step,

scent that is familiar when i cry and she cuddle me,

Looking at the lines,beside her eye,

Eye,that reflect my look in it.

I'm a big girl now,because of YOU!

THANK YOU mommy!

It's another day that we would like to say thank you mom!

We celebrated with mom at home after dinner.I'm glad God put her into my life that brings tears and laughter.One thing she never fail is she give me the best quality,the best quantity too.Love you mom!Sorry if I ever hurt you=)I pray that God will always bless you with good health and wisdom to face your future!

*ignore the stain on my T , it's just accidentally spill water while drinking.


The day before....

Celebrated Mother's day,Birthday and Congratulation ceremony, with Leonard's family.

Leonard's aunt,good in making Jelly,really tasty!

Ah Ma

The siblings.

Leonard: Would you marry me?

Sab: Oh please.....

SORRY for the SS-ness in us=)

Grace a.k.a Leonard's youngest sis.see the brother then you can imagine how cruel he will treat her ;)

Clockwise:Wai Loon the drumer, Leonard the guitarist, Sabrina the pianist, Joyce the vocalist.

#Action 1:Let's squeeze!!!!!

(behind the scene looking at the camera.Joyce:cannot la,can't see my face at all.Come again!

#Action 2:Let's pinch!!!!!

I would like to say congratulation to Joyce and Wai Loon,the new Bride and Bridal!!!!=)

Now only I find out I did not take any picture with Leonard's mom...next year will do.;)

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