Friday, August 8, 2008

Cameron Trip

Another interesting day for us,we've been to few places on the second day.

Start up with OJ,keep us healthy(:

Chemmy with hers scramble egg..

All geared up for our one day tour trip in Cameron.

Butterfly park.

Honey Bee park.

Thumbs up to ah yong,good shot.What can i say?It's another paint by God.

Double trouble.haha~

my say Yo friend.Thanks for cooking us breakfast!

We love nature!

I love this place!

Spot the differences...Thanks to Yue always got the wrong timing.

how nice,if you could wake up everyday and have breakfast here.



Nice WC:)

I'm hungry.

7billion holder.He is such a humble man,nice person to talk too.

I'm starving,it's time for lunch ;)


We love came whoring.Best buddy.

Waiting for bus,back to our apartment.

It's another rainy day....

I miss you.

What can I say rainy and chilling weather with HOT steamboat.Perfect match!

Night market time...FOOD!This is the food I ate few years back,where I still remember the taste.mmm..

Strawberry Ice-cream.

My peanuts buddy....








what else can I say for this TRIP with this crazy people around?Stuffing peanuts in to his own nostril.

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