Friday, August 8, 2008

Words to Inspire

I was reading RD(Reader Digest)June issue,when I was flipping back and trying to recall whatever I've read .This article catches my attention.I just wanna share here ;)

Seven things you should say to your kids-and seven things you shouldn't

A parents,or anyone else who interacts regularly with kids,knows that communicating effectively with them can be difficult.I myself strongly agree(as a kids point of view) because I believe one day I grow up and have kids,I have to learn how to communicate with kids and of course it's useful whenever I need to communicate with people,I guess is the same method of the meta-communication.

1. What you say "You're the best!"

What they hear"Your job in life is to make me happy."

A better way to say it"You should be proud of how hard you've worked."

2. What you say "We can't afford that"

What they hear "Money is the answer to everything."

A better way to say it "The store is filled with great things today,but we've got lots at home anything more."

3. What you say "Don't worry-it'll be ok."

What they hear "You're such a drama queen."

A better way to say it "I totally understand what you must have gone through.Tell me about it."

4. What you say "Don't talk to strangers."

What they hear "Anyone you don't know is trying to hurt you."

A better way to say it "Don't talk to people who make you feel uncomfortable.Here's how to tell."

5. What you say "Make sure you share."

What they hear "Give away your stuff."

A better way to say it "Jesse would like to play with your race car for a while,but it's still yours and he will give it back."

6. What you say " Why did you (miss your curfew hit your sister,etc.)?"

What they hear "you mess up again."

A better way to say it "my guess is that you miss your curfew because you were having fun and didn't want to come home,but that's still not OK."

7. What you say "watch your language."

What they hear "I've tuned out what you're really trying to say."

A better way to say it "I'm so glad you came to talk to me,but I have one request for the further.I find that word offensive,so please don't use it."


I think human will only learn after punishment...

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