Saturday, August 30, 2008

Oppss You did it again....

I'm in the mid of hanging again!It's so irritating,I've tried my best to forget about it.I hate "one day to be nice,and one day to be ruin". I'm wondering why is it when things happen it hurts,but when they ask to forgive I say "yes",does my heart says so?It's complicated,mix feeling.Anyhow,I will just follow the flow.I need sometime to recover,this matter has been bothering me again,why am I so * to make such a decision without thinking properly,I'm worry I would have hurt my self again with that answer.

Yesterday was pathetic!I went to college for my photography class, I enjoy this class;) Mr.Francis told us there is a photography exhibition in One Utama and he want us to be there to see the exhibition,you know if you're not an artistic person you'll be bored to death!Thank God,I still enjoy looking at those lovely picture took by random people.Some picture really tells a lot just with a simple shoot and object,amazing!Going on, lecturer ask us to take a few picture in the park(Central Park),the weather was nice to take a few picture,and it turn up to be a cam whoring session where Mr.Francis is our camera men!haha.After taking a few shots of jumping,everyone looks tire pull off to college after lunch in Tepanyaki.

the SCB


Long story for my entire day......(too lazy to talk about it).To cut short the story,while L is driving back home from airport we were talking about my problem,I told him how I feel and how I react.Then I only realize I did the decision too fast.

the man I love.

I came home zombie-fied, but something I'll never miss talking on the phone.It was a long talk with full of question and question.At last,I still get my answers,of course I'm glad with all the answers.Once again,I'm refreshed,oppsss did I mention refresh?on the phone?night? haha,that would be horrible for L,cause I'll keep talking and talking and he'll be yawning and yawning! I still want to say thanks for the encouragement and opinion you gave me!


This came across my mind,some people just want to do it for the purpose of doing it,but some people do it for the sake for them self feeling better.This morning,while I was washing my car,the maid next door talked to me "friendly" and she sweep my car porch.I was shocked,and she smile at me."Can I take a few mango?"said maid.(FYI:There a big mango tree in front my house and the age of it is 30 ;),a lot of people like to ask for our mango.) Of course,I say "can la." and she looks so happy.See!she did something because she want something.I wonder why some people can't just tell what they want,instead of doing something unusual.I don't like it.

Did someone say something like I won't guarantee how bla bla bla won't happen to you before?I have.This make me think that you're try avoiding something to happen ,but there is still 50/50 chance it WILL happen again.Then whats the point of telling me?I don't see the point of it.Is it to make you feel better?*sigh*Seriously blur......

And what is the point of blogging huh?For me blogging is to update friends that you don't meet often.Like someone who stays really far,can't even meet each another and to update each another of course expressing my feelings.Why do you need to blog just to update someone that is so near to you?See!!!!I'm stuck again.I need to talk to you.Although I said I'm cool with it,doesn't mean we don't need to talk about this matter.I do!

thanks, for walking with me!

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