Thursday, September 4, 2008

I Love Malaysia.

31/8/08 is the 51st independent day of Malaysia.I'm glad that we are still doing well.On this special day,happily it falls on Sunday,meaning Monday will be a public holiday! At the right time,right place...I went to Malacca. The historical place;) Some people say I'm patriotic haha, well all I have to say is I love my country!

The accompany was GREAT,foremost I enjoyed the entire trip.Let the picture tell you about my trip ;)

Me and Leonard

Daniel the driver

Amy the instructor

David the camera pro

Yey,after the long jam at last we reached our first destination "the RED house"!

After red house, we headed to Jonker street!

My fist meal.Dim Sum really cheap!

Satay Celup, that you don't want to miss it!YUmmy...


BBQ Chocolate banana.



Waffle Sassuage with black pepper!

after walking whole day,he's tire.But he still entertain my cam whoring time:) loves!

see who is the big bully here?

happy chatting.

Jerry aka Dai Gor

I love this shot!

This is the next destination after Jonker Street, is the eye on Malacca!

While waiting.....

At last we are going up up and away!

I would say it's romantic up there.

see the SS(Shock sendiri) people!haha

Dataran Pahlawan,It's late at night already.

:the people:

Good morning!

morning walk with L near the swimming pool.Really nice talking to you!

Food food food

Amy looking for more FOOD!


trying to read the word.

the MAN!

Thanks for making this trip wonderful,I enjoyed the trip max and of course having a short break out of the city with you.Thanks for the talk, Thank God for this relaxation trip! what else can I say?You are wonderful.I love you.

Trip with lover.


Leonard said...

Yo!! Wat a! wat a wonderful trip it was! so bless! hugs.. thank you so much!! every single second was fantastic!! lurvu so much! really looking forward to have another trip with you in near future:) haha.. hugs.. but felt so bad after all cause din really take good care of you! but from the bottom of my heart! it was a memorable and a fantastic trip!!

yue said... schweeet :) you guys make a great couple. next time, don't forget to call me on board. hehe. i'll feed leonard til he explodes! lol.