Sunday, August 10, 2008

to trust.

I've gone through a hard time last week,certain things happen I know sometimes I take things for granted.Hence,I never fail keep praying and seeking for God's will.I know God is overseeing me all the time.Well,He is just simply awesome to me.Thank God.At last,everything has settle and it ended with a very priceless,experience!~Sorry.

In those moment,besides God I always have an angel standing right beside me.Someone where God has already picked through a thousand of people.Weekend were sweet and blessed,having you I feel so good.Thank you for all the concerns and all the time you've gave me.I truly appreciate.Saturday night,awesome night...after a while I feel so good spending time talking to you without worries,I love talking to you,you know better then me,don't you?haha.I love you.

Simply know that God has always prepare me for a better way in life.Still considering about night class in Bible College Malaysia(BCM),topic of mental health and personal grow.I'm interested in this class it's another long term.Somehow I know when I put time and afford to God's Kingdom it's all worthwhile.Today was having lunch with Carmen and Caleb,where talking about night class to get a cert we need to complete 44credits.And Caleb say that we can convert our degree to BCM  as a diploma in Theology.Yeap,theology...all I would say is I will just follow God if is God's calling I shall go.Yet,God you know me well.Let go and let God(:

Weekend,I get to spend time talking to one of my best friend.Alicia.I was wondering since when I forgot hers presence.I still enjoy the time with you babe.I will forever remember the time we met.

At night,after service me heart broken because my very close lil' sis in Christ breakdown,I know I cant do much but I will leave it to God and of course in my prayer.I know is hard for her in such a age to face those problem,but I have faith in God!

Prayer is the best medicine...

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bmepain said...

Greets! Really funny. keep working!