Saturday, September 6, 2008

I love Snap Sanp Snap!

This semester,I took one of the photography class.I absolutely love it,because snapping is simply FUN!I've use to taking picture without looking at it,until I reach home slot my Memory Card in my laptop then I will slowly ADMIRE the art work of mine haha. Looking back at all those picture I took from various places,really nice and thank God Mr.Francis allowed us to use those pictures taken last time.I manage to look for pictures I took from Bali (Sun Set and beach bay) and some from Hong Kong.I will check if I took any from Taiwan.As I told Dot I have this inborn taking pictures of natural and landscape. See!Now it's useful.Credits to myself.

I feel sad because I haven develop any picture from my LOMO,why?because the previous one I took can't make it long story bout it.This time when I went to Malacca I took a few hopefully this time works,cause I put the shuttle open for sometime to absorb the sunlight.Anyhow,last week I went to OU,Central Park and this week field trip is to Port Klang.We spend sometime snapping the port,and Mr.F say we are going to Pulau Ketam.2way ticket for the trip is RM14.But God know I'm broke,rain poured.Guess what?Trip canceled.Still manage to take a few pictures at the port. Before going any further,I would show a few picture we took last week from Jess camera.


The reflection in the water of the sky.

Pro Sab ;)

See happy us!

Port Klang




Lu Xanne and Jess

Happy to be with the SCB's ;)



Okay,not exposing too many of my picture took by ME.


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