Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Rainy Day.

The smell of rain,black clouds around.I guess everyone have been experiencing this every day.I know it's sad,being wet and soaking your legs in shoe ewww....Can't wear nice pump.Sad.But raining is another time where I can't do anything but sit down.Staring at the sky looking at the rain drops.Should I say it's simply romantic?haha. I haven't been doing anything happening recently,but weekend was a bit cranky because of my running nose.Let's see a few picture for updates during last week and weekend.

Jamming(spot the tissues) ;)

the drummer and bassist.

Photo shop is the new thing I've been learning recently,thanks to David putting effort and patient for teaching I guess I have a lot f space to learn.But I absolutely love try doing and editing pictures.Love!!!

My radio is playing this song.Hero-By Mariah Carey.Hero,I'm thinking whats does a Hero need to do besides what we get to see in the movie Hero that helps or save the world?I think for a real Hero is a person who is able to carry any situation.Today I've heard a news from YM and I'm not sure what kind of feeling I had this morning when she's telling me about the case that happened last night.Now I strongly believe and understand the precious of Life,I really can't express my feeling.Life can just lost in a second without informing.While,I was driving home this after noon and this real life story has been hitting me few times.I'm thinking how many times would you have the chance to be good to someone and to appreciate them,I would say it's speechless when we come to the topic of Life.I have no idea when will I leave my love one or even the people I love leaves me.OMG I really don't want to think about it!One thing if I know my love one are going to Heaven In Peace I will be happy to know that. Well,I really don't want to waste the time of life,being stup*d to treat people I don't like or love like a b*tch. In the bible God always reminds me something that I know I should have take the lesson up before anything happens.

I can't imagine,I really felt heart broken when I know the story.I'm thinking why why why?The wife have to take care 2 kids anyhow,Life still have to go on with FAITH.I really hope God will bless this family. Now I have another reason to love my enemy.God has told us early,but I always have bad habits of not understanding until something happen,a hit on my face then I only understand.Life,Life,Life.Such a small thing that we would not even think of everyday.So fragile that We need to know how to handle with Care.

God please bless those who has lost their love one in life.We know You are the best comforter,please heal those broken souls and renew them with faith.Jesus I know I might not have the chance to spread gospel to all my friends that I know in life, but at least there is someone in the other part of the world have the chance to at least heard about You my Lord.In the name of Jesus I pray,Amen!

I believe that I'm not standing alone.


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