Friday, September 12, 2008


Before you wonder what's wrong with the Moooo...La...Moo.I would like to share this personal experience here.

I always don't mind people fat,slim,good/bad looking,tall or short it does not make an impact to me.Sometimes we are just too blind folded!Yesterday class break me,[.] and YM planned to go for a "tea break" at Summit,Soya Shop!I want to clearly state the name here,MAKE sure not other victim. We were ordering as usual and this guy took our oder,beside him there is a so called "helper" doing the oder meaning cooking the Soya Ball. Then suddenly she ask is it 2 chocolate and 2 Lotus.I say erm..nope just now we ordered 2chocolate and 2 coconut.Then she frown, add up with that stup*d look AND she said "Next time order already,CANNOT change!"in a bad manner + tone.I SHOOT her back,"is the guy got the wrong message!" then she keep quite but with an irritating look!Costumers is always number One,how dare she be so rude.Really horrible!

Then this morning,something happened(too long to to interpret the story).About my Smart Tag.The Tol person ask me to go office and she will explain.I'm in a hurry and I'm late!I was bit frustrated,no matter how frustrated when there is a SMILE that welcomes you everything is alright.This Malay girl,speak really kind and she told me what happen.Although I'm late,but I don't mind speaking to someone POLITE! See the differences that you'll make when you put a smile on your face?So let's learn to put a SMILE on our face no matter how and what.


I love making cards and lil'things for people,of course not all the time cause I need Inspiration! Last time I've made alot for my friends,but I did not took any picture of it.I hope I'll have the chance to get it back, snap a picture of it,than I'll be happy!
[For those who got my handmade card or present you're lucky!haha]

After all the drama.Let's come and see what happen last night ;)

Today 12/9/08 is Alicia's birthday.. last night I made her this Moooo...La...Moo.

Process of making...

Everyone wonder where did I get the paper,it's handmade kay?I drew and colored it.

Hope she'll love it.....

Happy Birthday Alicia


Niu Niu Tan!



jerry said...

hahaha very nice and 'filled' gift/card indeed. Makes me wonder if i'd get an old coconut(lau-yeh) or a huge fruit(tai-goh) for my b'day lol... pls dont... :)

Cynthia said...

Indeed! Hey dear, it's true. There's big different with a SMILE / POLITE attitude.