Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I did it in purpose!

Last night, family dinner with my lovely uncle from UK , mostly are from Mommy's side. The dinner started cold where everyone looks tire after class, work or dealing with kids(housewives). One of my far far lil cousin really cute but IRRITATING! He is the kiasu type no more than 3 times you can argue with him,if yes he will cry and the main point is there is no teardrops hope you guys get what I mean. Whole night drinking, laughter, crying and most I enjoy bullying kids! ;)



my uncle "lou sang" my favor!


the couples


this is the lil boy!see his naughty face,when he reach the place he was talking talking and talking........then...


fall asleep and that's my brother the one who make him so TIRE!


candid camera.Drinker?



img_0467the Wong family.

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