Monday, March 2, 2009

Birthday wishlist....

Well, I'm still having my MT at the moment, but so many people has been asking what do I want for my big make you people life easier.

I find out the things I like at the age of 21 more on gadgets and it's pricey too,but anything will do kay? Don't worry.

  • I Touch/ Ipod nano Chromatic( Black/white/red)

  • Handphone (Nokia/Sony Erricson)

  • External hardrive ( WD-White)

  • PSP (White)

  • Wii

  • Camera(prefer Sony Cybershot)

  • Purse (black)-Gucci/Guess

  • Black strip watch-Guess/Fosil

  • LOMO Fisheye Submarine cover

  • One year pass to Celebrity Fitness

That is all I have in my list. ;) Need to get back to my notes!
*BTW, if you afraid there is clashes for my gift you can ask me ;) haha.



aster said...

cant afford... make another wish list la...

sabrina chng said...

well, I did not state that you must get me all these wish list, some expected people must make my wish list come TRUE!