Friday, December 18, 2009

Let's do the jinggle whizzling countdown!!

It's friday yes, exactly one week and Christmas is here! The Messiah Drama is going to be on stage too am looking forward, I got the feeling all good things are coming in my way! Besides that, I'm optimistically going for my final paper tomorrow morning then I'm done. Beforehand, I have an awesome video to share with you guys, I personally HEART it, especially the lovely steps!

Nobody But You by Wonder Girls

Tonight another exciting party with cellies " I love Christmas"! After this last celebration we won't be having SS2 cell, next year we have new plans that cell will be held in church. Stay tune for the updates of  our Christmas and farewell partay! Nice weekend ahead people!!


Sue Me said...

I want nobody, nobody but you.. *claps claps* Hahahaha..catchy song indeed. You listen to their other songs. It's nice too :)

All the best tomorrow! I got one more paper to go too..hahaha

sabrina chng said...

oohhh love it :) I'll check out yeh! All the best to you too! xx