Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wrap Warp Wrap :)

Jingle all the way with me, 6 days til Christmas!

As I've mention in my previous post, I will be counting down with you, you and you!  Oh and I wanna shout out LOUD! I'm done with my finals, bye Fall 2009 and say Halloo to Christmas & New Year= SHOPPING SPREE! Isn't it awesome, but I have to bare with all the happiness first, cause L will be working on Saturday(meaning today) but I've buzz another friend Mak Wan for lunch instead we went to MV for a little shopping and catch up, and I bumped into Yue Mei & Lyn then we headed for lunch together. When I was walking down the mall, I told Mak Wan that I haven't been shopping for almost 2 months and yes I was outdated! But I've date with my best shopping kaki mommy dearest to have a little shopping spree before Christmas.

Sab n Mak Wan

Rewind bit, last night Christmas celebration & farewell with cellies it was a memorable one! I had a great time with them too! May God continue to bless each and everyone one us!

I love Christmas!

Foodiieee time!

Oh this is FUNN, LMAO!! The Chicken Dance for Losers during game.

Guess guess guess!And guess what I'm the best in guessing among all ;)

exchange pressie and this is my first Christmas pressie for 2009!


US! SS2-Youth rocks!

Jingle bell, jingle bell ,jingle bell ROCKS,

jingle chime in jingle bell time,

Dancing and prancing in jingle bell square

In the frosty air!

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