Thursday, January 21, 2010

breakfast with Jam.

Rise up by Diane Birch playing in my iPod when I'm stuck in the jam...Besides tuning into my favor music ,every morning I'm on my pod cast listening Joel Osteen sermon it is very inspiring, besides that it boost my day with faith! It's been real tiring having 3 days in a roll of morning class. Today I was awake by that scary sharp thunder storm, it seems like it strikes right beside my ear! Eye opened like someone stab me in the stomach, following with my alarm"bad day?"...lazily drag myself to the loo. Here goes my day, one class and I'm  home now sitting and resting here. How I wish I could have more time to rest in the morning then my day would be PERFECTO! No matter what, I'm still good in helping myself .Planned for a catch up with cousins which I'm already excited about it! Therefore, no matter what turns up to be in the morning just pray for a excellent mindset/ or reset the biology alarm clock to  make it a good good day!

Home is the best place I love to be!

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