Sunday, January 24, 2010


Buenos días! In case you are wondering did you get into the wrong  blog,I'm still Sabrina! On the 20 Jan 2010 myself and xin ying celebrated 2 January babies Elaine and Xin Bei! Glad we are able to spend a good night together, I always thought we are all grown up lady and not have the same topic anymore. Thank God for  His favor putting us together talking from north to the west it was totally a splendid one.I'm sure there are more date for us!

Elaine my childhood best friend(cousin) and also my sleepover kaki since we were young, here are the long-cut-short of our life..

This pretty cousin of mine know me since I was in mommy's womb. We spend time from snatching doll house,and protect me from stray dogs*loves! Besides that we come out with loads of different ideas for our every Friday sleepover, and not forgetting our BARBIE doll moments(really mad ones!). We travel over seas for the first and second time together. I love her from the bottom of my heart. Last but not least, she is a loyal sister of mine forever! This year I decided to celebrate her birthday together with 2 other closest cousin too. We have an awesome time!-copied from my FB's album "Elaine's birthday"

Xin Bei is my cousin sister(younger) a really adorable baby in hand, grown up to be a young and pretty girl. I always feel proud that the Ch'ng's looks big, but we have a small heart! I love each and every of my cousin sister and brother everyone plays a role in their personality,attitude and behavior. Each and every individual(ch'ng) shows different role it merge together well, I thank God for the special chromosome XY  and XX , it not only identify us but another way to identify the gene in us.

The Shepherdoo, Centro

20 January 2010

Food was mouth watering, base on Mexican cooking. Picture available in FB.

Sab, Elaine, Xin Bei and Xin Ying

the January darling!

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