Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dancing in the sunbeam!

Hola! It's the first month of 2010. College life started 2 days ago, I'm not use to it too many freshie that make me feel so uncomfortable. I hope I could adapt to it soon, adding on, there are a few classes that I'm alone not a sign of being sad but I will try to get to know more people before I leave perhaps? I'm glad that I'm done reading one very inspiring book which I shout out a special thanks to Esther Chia for giving me such a helpful book by Joel Osteen, currently on his Podcast!

It started during a random noon during holiday, I love reading as I mentioned a zillions times ago. I have this particular of lovin' the cover than only I will purchase or start picking up for a quick scan. This book cover ain't interesting it's just a head shot of JO. After reading, I got so into it and I started. -Don't judge a book by it's cover!(very true indeed!) This book was with me since last year and I completed reading this year, the content inside this book has gave me a real good lesson of life especially to equip myself in this year. It talks about different perspective of life, and methods that we use to achieve certain goals or getting into a lil' personal- happiness and thoughts we have. I encourage people to start reading it if you are in the mid of having problems or a missing person in life. It will definitely boost you up!

I came across people, situation, objects, and emotion when I was reading this book. It seems like a planned lesson in life it appears straight in my sight which I thought it's some karma or jinx :P Nevertheless, I pray to Lord for wisdom and for indication of all this appearance. This lesson gave me a clearer vision on what am I suppose to do and to act in certain circumstances. I might be so lost in the mid of preparing my work, or even being rude to others without feeling it. This topic that I was reading this noon which is the last chapter, it says do not forget the miracles! For the interesting definition for that go grab the book and you will experience it by yourself.

I heard bout others new year resolution, seriously I have no idea what are mine resolution. I have one pitch black in mind bout it. After reading this amazing book, it inspire me- DARE TO DREAM BIG! for a moment I thought I have no dreams at all, refresh my dream aha I've got it yet I need to make it big with the guidance of Lord!

I'm very thankful that during this Christmas I've received another interesting book- Everyday hope for women by Coty. This book is going to be my best good-morning mate! I've started reading a page every morning- INSPIRING & INTERESTING! I will talk further bout it when I have a suitable time. Everyday is the best present from Lord, kick start with a set of delicious breakfast?! nah..not for me, kick start with the word that will keep you dancing like a butterfly in the sunbeam for the rest of the day! A last para to end.

Waking up in the morning might not be a sunshine day, vice versa?? A gloomy day, lets dance in the puddle grab your galoshes and do the boogie dance!! Because no matter what day it is, I call it a thankful day! I love you Jesus!

Weekends gonna be FUN!

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