Friday, January 8, 2010

Don't need a single penny!

It has been a week helping my dad in his new shop, it's my last week for my Fall holiday. Spring2010 semester starts next week feel that my holiday is so fruitful and fully recharge  ;) Praise the Lord for giving me such a wonderful holiday, before holiday officially ends I will fully utilize my last 3 days!

During my long-yet-short holiday I manage to equip myself with all the readings.I absolutely heart reading! Currently I'm reading Become a better you- Joel Osteen I found out that I need to change my life and to step into a higher phase I believe every stage of life means something to God and of course myself. Reading has been apart of my life, especially books that helped my life and attitude! Everyday I wake up with a new heart to face all the consequences. If you ask me am I afraid? you've got my answer YES! but I know I'm standing on a giant (Jesus Christ) shoulder!

I see blessings when I start living a life like Christ, to put down matter that matters to me. Sometimes I do leave my hair down, lay in the middle of my bed thinking why do people do this, why do people do that? I have million-zillions-gazillions question in mind. Somehow, I can't find any answer but I'm sure one day I will experience it. During 2009 I experience the painful bond between human and many things in life. Looking back makes me feel even thankful for happening when I was 21, because I'm not sure if I still have the faith to manage it when I'm 41( perhaps my mind say yes, but my body say NO). I learn to be patient, kind and forgiving. I know this is what we have been learning since erm?? when?? Since I was 10? Well it doesn't really matter! ha. Common' look in to it deeper then you will see the TRUTH of being patient, kind and forgiving isn't as easy as we've learn like ABC! I want to jot every single emotions, feelings, and thoughts into my blog. Reason being is to jot down each and every lesson I've learn and of course the countless blessings!

Yesterday I came across one of my friend we were chatting in MSN, then we were talking about blogging. If not mistaken this is my 203 post, I'm not sure how did I manage to crap that much. Hence, during my free time I go through my blog,every post speaks in different voice, tone, feelings, colors.....blah..and the list goes on. It is also like a way of keeping my memory and so-called Diary that won't burn-of or missing. Coming back to the conversation in MSN, I told her that I've been blogging for almost 4 years, in between skipping from blogspot to other blogs and lastly I settle down with wordpress. WOW! said her adding on but don't you think people are always so judgmental on what you post. They judge you when you are happy (show off), or emo ( looking for attention). The first thought came in to my brain receptor and hit my finger muscle---typing: " WHO CARES! This is my blog!" shooooo kiddo and go away if you are that judgmental and I would recommend you to be a full time judge!! Piss off! They really need to get a life man! Skipping from blog to blog looking at people's negative and weakness! IMMATURE! Let me remind you this is my BLOG!and the conversation of blog ends* :)

To live+life+cool better start speaking positively and start praising people (from the bottom of your heart lahh). I'm working hard on this homework. Nobody is born to be perfect until you find your weakness. Mind your own race; in this real world we are all in the same Olympic everyone is out there achieving their dreams or goals. If that individual did a good job in his/or her work oohh the hard work behind lead them to the success. So mind your own race, start doing loads of exercise and obstacle before you hit the real race in life. I'm not being professional here,but to JOT down another thought of mine. Because one day when I come back to this post I will remind myself common' Sab mine your own race! I'm not perfect tho. Let's work it to the highest together!

Recently I'm in the mid of being a happy person! :) I feel the joyous in me. There were a few things I've gone through that really breaks my heart but what can I do?! mine my own race! ;) This holiday has made me feel so complete! I really have loads and tonnes of thank you to give, most of all Jesus Christ! Without Him working behind the scene I might have just fall out.


online σύστημα ρουλέτας said...

Sometimes it's really that simple, isn't it? I feel a little stupid for not thinking of this myself/earlier, though.

truco para ganar said...

Great idea, but will this work over the long run?

sabrina chng said...

Of course all these above will work over the long run i we continue to believe that God has something better to do in our life. Just hold on! :)

Fidel Ilg said...

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sabrina chng said...

Fidel Ilg, am not sure who you are but thank you for giving such a good compliment I'll keep up the cool work! ;)

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