Friday, February 12, 2010


Bah!! I'm such a zombie this few days, feeling all around the place I guess is the pre- CNY thingy. Excited bout CNY but there are tonnes of things to complete before I have the long hols, nay not long I shall say that one week hols. Quiz ended and I started my whole baking thing, really tiring and exhausted after the whole baking, and washing. I enjoy the baking time indeed, it's just about my body can't take it my eye say good night. ggaaaahhhh! Don't like! I'm not a sleeping person, I don't really like sleeping I need to wake up after my 7 or 8 hour of rest. That is more then enough, yet recently I feel so tire no matter how much I sleep and rest. That's bothering me much.

Rewind a lil' daddy's big day on Wednesday, us the family went for a dinner typical china man wants to have typical Chinese food. So we ended up in some Chinese restaurant, but the food is delicious! That night we have lou sang! my all time favorite dish!

ahh...I've made a super size pineapple tart for daddy :) This is my family!

*check out my Melvin so mean!

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