Monday, March 22, 2010

Satin Doll.

Nobody can be closer to your heart but your biology sister, I don't have a sister but I have cousin sisters with me. We were together since young we eat, we travel, we mess, we play, endless topic and we grow together, this makes our bond even closer thank God for giving me such a good bunch of sister we are always closer then ever! I always remember those days we had behind :) Today they still remember my birthday,and they've planned a lunch celebration for me, not only that the young and the elder ones have blessings for me too. I was overwhelmed by feelings when I once step in my room when I open those pressie, I'm really thankful to have such good sisters with me. Apparently the more we grow up the more things we shared, one of the topic we were sharing that afternoon was the genetic influence. My grandfather is in art and calligraphy which falls into the art and performance category, and the gene when on and on to my dad a chef so as my uncle and other uncles with plenty of artistic and creative. Then the generation came all the way down, us! My cousins sister are in music field, I'm in the communication field and my cousin brother a designer. Hmmpphh does this ring a bell for you as well? It's so true how God has implant a specialty for each family! Therefore you are special in a way too!

We held lunch at Tropicana mall @ Santini!

My so called elder sisters, who took care of me and play dolly-house with me when I was just a little girl ;)

Double 2 for the third time! am bless!

The Ch'ng darlings!

That night itself there was another meeting with cousin Ping, for movie and dinner. She was even elder then me, not to mention her age she will smack me like mad! :D Nevertheless, she is a loving and caring cousin sister of mine!

Dinner was nice Bukit Tinggi @ Little Vietnam

I was once and still a Satin doll, a pretty and lovable one in the eye of God! I know each and every day I'm still experiencing the blessing and love that He is showering in my life. I have countless blessing! I'm glad that people who love and care me not only by words, but by action! I love you girls long long time! I always have you in my prayers! Hugs and kisses to all darlings!