Sunday, June 27, 2010


Yeehaa! Howdy peepoos! I still remember the promise I've made in my previous post, a testimony that I owe! Keep your eye on this, it won't take you long. As I mentioned, at Bukit Jalil our long awaited Christian Conference (a.k.a Awakening For Jesus). It's an outdoor event, hence knowing the unpredictable weather we pray real hard for that during the 4 day it won't be a rainy night, but a good and windy night. Therefore, we are a bunch of people who are looking forward for a good night too! Unfortunately,during the third night it drizzle before the conference starts the A4J campers gathered and pray for miracle, not only that Army of God's lay their hands on the ground to pray for revival in Malaysia too! The rain stopped and rainbow came across the blue sky which make me tear a little. I was amaze by God's will and love! And if you know the story of Noah, and you should know that what does it mean, RAINBOW means the promise of God! MIRACLE still happen therefore, there is no such thing that call end of the world! Told'ya my God is big and almighty!! Amazing right? And everyone says Amen!

Coming back to earth, I watched Toy Story 3 my long awaited movie! I wasn't a big fan of Toy Story but a big fan of PIXAR! They are a bunch of creative people, that I have NO comment on that! For the first time in my life, I bought the Toy Story 3 Jumbo Package that includes the adorable mug and popcorn package! Like it! The movie was fantastic,thumbs up for John Lasseter and team!
Gonna spend my last few hours of weekend with JOY! Nice weekday people! Till then readers! x

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