Sunday, January 16, 2011

A life of Marshmallow

Today is Sunday a day where Christian is prepare for Church, praise& worship and this week we are about mission; title to it is All for Mission which content on give it all and do for all nations who needs salvation. Period.

Morning kickin' well I did my usual routine, and when I was dressing up I look into the mirror and OHEMGEE why is my face full of spots and red marks, dark eye ring. I wasn't happy with it, I went into the car mom saw my face and practically gave a very shocking voice saying what happen to your face! I answered yes I know with that tone down voice, I did not want this to happen but I'm not too sure what's reacting in my body and I'm sort off angry because I've been sleeping early, consuming good brekkie but not so good lunchie(at times) and dinner as usual, fruits are number one choice in all meal listing. Yet I have zero idea what happened. It eventually turn my mood down, with people around me asking if I were overtire, or restless. I think I need some changes in my daily routine, or the I personally think is the amount of stress I'm taking up. Besides make-up for work and events are killing my tenderly soft skin, Lord I need your beautiful oil to anoint on my face (haha I don't know whats the right word to describe). Simply to describe my day was despair by all these!

Despite all the hard times I held today, rewind to what happen on Saturday it was a different one indeed. I woke up the first thing mom did she passed me a booklet from a jewelery store asking me which one I like and I was going through it with no expectation you know being awake in the morning and going through all these ain't my type. So I was going through till I saw this awesome design with a butterfly!FYI I'm very into ribbons, butterfly, polka-dots and roses much! So ya I say ahhh this one "hen mei". Then she say come let's go for your favorite Bak Kut Teh, cause I told her I would love to have brekkie at home and I want to wash my car. Ended up in BKT and then headed to mall obviously to the jewelery store, I was looking for the actual model of the pendent and I got catch by this butterfly pendent which is contended with rose gold(I like) for the butterfly. And she say you like it? I say yes, but bit too pricey and she say okay then let's take that! I was on cloud9 for a mo! And yes I've got my very first diamond pendent,despite one ring that is given by mom with diamond this counted as first! Mommy was repeating its so nice on you, and it suits your taste! I walked out the shop happily saying thank you mommy she turn over and gave me one word "SURPRISE!" awww isn't she lovely! It actually made my day!
"Spread your wings like a butterfly"
I think it speaks a story behind it, a butterfly who spread it wings,but mommy is like the ring who loop me whenever I fall, she framed me like a diamond in it!- I love you mom!

Move on a farewell for aunt Pam and family before they are back to OZ.

We love Hannah girl!
So as Jonathan!
What more with aunt Pam's love? Hannah is loved!
Never miss out the love from aunt Sab!
She weept for milky time, granny clams her down best!
OZ won the championship of Dinosaur Milo, they simply love Milo!The darlings.Not missing out Deb in the house, manage to catch on a Saturday night is fantastic!
The night was fill with laughter and sharing with each anther's daily life. It was very heart warming for me, it ended nicely with a goodbye hug we shall meet soon!

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